Unknown Forces

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It is hard to live feeling unsecure in your own home. By its essence, the home should be the place where we all feel safe, protected from every kind of a threat that comes from outside. But what if the place where we are supposed to feel safe, becomes a place we are scare of? You are wondering how is that possible? You\'ll see, just now.Already Susan and her daughter Margaret live in a fear in their family house. There are some unknown forces that are making them problems and don\'t let them live peacefully. Namely, constantly in the house can be heard someone\'s\' steps, can be heard doors cracking and other scary sounds and screams. You may imagine how scary it can be to spend your days while hearing all those threatening sounds. After few weeks living with those sounds, Susan and Margaret decide to ask for some help from experts.Nancy is known by her abilities to deal with unknown forces. She has some kind of a gift, to see what other people can\'t see. That\'s why Susan and her daughter Margaret decided to call Nancy and ask for a help.

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