Inside the Earth

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Hello citizens of the Earth, or let\'s say ON the Earth. We know those civilizations that inhabit the Earth but meet Talu and learn something about one completely different civilization or let\'s say sivilizations. Talu belongs to one of the most mysterious civilizations that live on the planet Earth, or to be more precise, inside the earth. Yes, you heard well. Cunuanite is a civilization that lives exclusively under the ground, similar like the moles, and that\'s why they are also called mole-people. We haven\'t seen those people among us which means that probably they don\'t spend too much time on the sun, just like the moles.However, Talu always believed that they are not the only civilization, the only people that live under ground. He believes that there is at least one place under the ground, inhabited by people. Researching this subject, Talu finds out an old map that presents another underground kingdom. Following the map that seems to detailed, Talu finds out this underground kingdom, he enters there, prepared to search the whole place and see what is hidden there.We believe that you are also wondering how the life is underground; are those people same as us?! Let\'s join Talu in his search and learn something more about this unusual underground civilization. Maybe it is all same as on the round but also there is a possibility that we will deal with something completely different.

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