The Vanishing Book

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What about some cute fantasy of the day. For those of you who love to read, who love to spend time with books, imagine that your favorite characters simply come out of the stories one day. Imagine how would they feel if something happens to them and they simply have to leave the book?! That would be terrifying for them to simply vanish from all those pages full of wisdom and magic. And imagine what would a book look like without its\' characters?Darila, Nemer and Sazira are three characters that came out of mythological book that is full of wonderful stories with plenty fantasy and magic. But, today they are confronted with dangerous situation because evil Dwarf Zorsal has succeeded somehow to travel through time and to change the history. Doing this, the stories of these three characters are being changed.Darila, Nemer and Sazira are frightened that they will simply disappear from the magic book. They now have to travel through time and to find the objects that are connected to their stories, and to achieve the purpose - to stop the vanishing of the book.

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