Possessed House

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Do you believe that a house could be possessed by evil spirits? There are numerous stories about it but do you think that they are true? Or it is just about rumors that have appeared to explain unusual happenings? From one side there are believes that possessed houses are visited by their dead owners, sometimes those spirits of the dead have been victims of violent or tragic events.On the other hand, the more scientific explanations talk about misjudging noises naturally present in structures, waking dreams, suggestibility, including the effect of toxic substances in environments that are able to be a reason for different hallucinations. But what happen in this house?! Let\'s try to figure out together.Heather and Aaron are fighters against the evil and the evil spirits. Today, they arrive in one of the most possessed houses in the country, a place where no one likes to enter because it is believed that it is a place that gathers the evil. Their job is to find out the name of the ghost that supposedly lives there and to find a way how he can be expelled from the house.

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