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Let\'s travel together in the magical world of fantasy or who knows, maybe those things that happen here are actually true… Laura is a girl that is on a magical mission. Yes, you heard it right, a magical mission. She found out that this year\'s Easter is in a huge danger. Namely, perhaps it won\'t happen this year because the magic eggs that bring the Easter magic are stolen! We believe that you didn\'t know much about these magic eggs, but probably you know even less about the persons responsible for their disappearance. The evil forest fairies are responsible for the missing Easter eggs. They have stolen them and hide them somewhere in their land!Laura will do everything to bring back the Easter spirit so she looks for the secret entrance in Easterland. She hopes that she could save this magical land and bring back everything as it was many years before, before those terrible fairies got the courage to do something that evil.We won\'t get into details if you believe or you don\'t believe in this magical land but we believe that you love the Easter holidays. That\'s why you better take part in this magical adventure and let\'s try together to save the most beautiful holiday in the year. We are sure that numerous people, including the next generations, will be really thankful to our act.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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