Wicked Prophecy

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The grandmother Patricia, together with her grandchildren Steven and Sandra, will try to stop the prophecy of the village witch. Namely, this is a really serious task for the three of them because the witch seems to be really cruel in her intentions. She doesn\'t think good for the people that live in the village so he prophecies were always very evil.Namely, Patricia has found out that the with keeps the objects for making magic in one old abandoned house, located in the hill. That\'s how Patricia got the idea to go there with her grandchildren Steven and Sandra. They will try to find those objects and burn them, with intention to stop the evil prophecy that sooner or later will ruin the whole village and will do a serious harm to the people that live there.Let\'s try to get into the witch\'s mind and try to find the places where she has hidden the objects that she uses for making her evil magic. That way we will take part in the process of saving the whole village from a complete destruction.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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