Romance Challenge

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Oh, all those lovebirds! Valentine’s Day is definitely the day that wakes up their more romantic side, increasing their romantic creativity to the highest. Even though the love is celebrated every day, for this day is taken officially as the day that celebrates love, the ones that are in love do their best to show their love in numerous different ways.Every couple invents something unique; every partner has his own idea, but everything is beautiful on the Valentine’s day. It may be just a card, it may be shy kiss, it may be a bouquet of roses or something really big – it doesn’t matter at all, as long as the ones that share those signs of love are happy together.In that spirit, we will see how will Debora and her fiancée spend the Valentine’s Day. Debora has one romantic challenge in front of her. Her fiancée has prepared many small and interesting gifts for her, for Valentine’s Day, so this is a very interesting romantic challenge, full of surprises. She will look for the gifts and surprise her with every gift, but maybe she will need some help from us, so let’s start searching for the gifts.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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