Land of Storytellers

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We know who are the authors of a part of the stories that we know, but there are always new and new stories, all around the world, told by new or unknown authors. But did you know that there was a land of storytellers? A place where are written the most beautiful stories that we heard when we were young? This place is a habitat of the best storytellers, and it\'s a very magical land, indeed. Rachel has heard about the rumors that there is such a place, and she decided to find that land. And yes, she did find this land, eager to discover new stories that she will tell to her children. Her kids are so passionate about stories, and they know most of the stories we find in the books, so finding new stories will impress them. But also Rachel loves stories, and she will be very happy to meet the best storytellers and hear new stories from them. Now, Rachel arrives in the land of storytellers, so let\'s see what is hiding there. Let\'s meet the great storytellers and enjoy their stories.

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