Princess Hideaway

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Akira is a young girl that likes to find out something more about her origins. She is very curious, and she wants to learn something more about her ancestors, where they lived, and how their life was. Actually, Akira originates from one mountain village, and she wants to explore this village more. The motivation for her wish is the rumor that this village was the secret hideaway of the princess many years ago. She is guided by this information and she likes to find out if maybe she has some sort of a connection with the princess. One day Akira comes to the village and she is welcomed by Hana and Kanako. They are two young girls who still live in that village. Akira wants to explore the whole village and find out if this princess was really hiding in her village. The girls that still live in the village will be able to take her around and show her the important places there, but also she might need some help from us. Let\'s explore Akira\'s village and see what is hiding there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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