Chasing Secrets

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The three detectives Kevin, Carol, and Paul have many solved cases in their career. They are always on time, at the place of the crime scene, carefully collecting pieces of evidence and looking for the criminals.This time the trio of detectives has a new destination in front of them, a new place that needs to be visited and explored. It is about the Chinese Quarter in the city. This morning has been a murder in this part of the city and Kevin, Carol and Paul are here, right on time.It is time for them to explore the whole place and to learn something more about the murder. Of course, the most important is to find the killer, but for that, they would need some patience and a lot of work. They need to focus on every possible detail and try to see under the obvious. In every investigation, the detectives need some extra hand, so we could also explore the place of the crime scene and look for some traces and pieces of evidence, together with the professionals. Let\'s do our best and see what will happen.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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