Town of Secrets

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Some say that one-third of all murders go unsolved and it is statistics like these that haunt us with the thought that the killer was never caught and could still be walking among us. This is why detective Dorothy reopened an old unsolved murder case. The idea that a murder could have been kept a \'perfect secret\' all these years is \'inconceivable\', according to her.She arrives in a small mysterious town where one murder case remains unsolved until today. It is the murder of the famous doctor Marvin. She went through everything the police knows about this gruesome murder investigation. If anyone does know the identity of the killer, they have never come forward.Dorothy believes that something is shady in the suspects quotes and wants to solve this case once and for all. The mysterious murder of doctor Marvin deepened this week when Dorothy revealed new clues about the killer, including that he may live in the community. But this new information seems to leave everyone with more questions than answers. This small town holds many secrets and the things start to get complicated.

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