Dawn of Illusion

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Be prepared to sneak into the incredible world of illusion. It is something that hardly someone has seen, because the creatures that live in this world of illusion hide themselves really successfully… But let\'s start from the beginning and see what will lead us in that world.The sorceress Gizora, together with her friend, the troll Gindit, secretly enter into the world where the regular people live. And if you think that meeting a troll or a sorceress could be scary for you, don\'t think that they don\'t feel uncomfortable when they meet you. This is a very dangerous mission for Gizora and Gindit because if someone notices them, then all people will find out that there is really a world of illusion, with wizards and mythical creatures living in it. The thing is that only once in every 50 years there is a dawn like this, that makes regular objects magical. Gizora has a task to find as many as possible of those magical objects, during the dawn, so let\'s help her and Gindit finish their mission. We hope they wouldn\'t mind getting some help from regular people because their secret is safe with us.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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