The Last Battle

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Do you know something about the life of the magicians, the wizards and the sorceresses? If you don’t, this game will be a nice chance to learn something about it. You will meet exactly that – a sorceress, a magician and a regular girl, in a search of immortality. You could also take part in this adventure, looking for the things that will help find and keep that immortality, but let’s start from the beginning and see what is it about.After a long time of battles, Andrea and the sorceress Gloria are preparing for the last fight with the evil magician Arthur. They believe that this will be the final fight, so they enter into it prepared and brave enough for the challenges. The two of them arrive at the Valley of the brave ones where they need to find all magical objects that will provide power and immortality for them and their soldiers.Let’s help them finish their mission successfully and get the wanted immortality for everyone that needs. Who knows, maybe we will also get close to the immortality or at least learn something more about it.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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