Treasure from the Past

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Searching around our old house always can be very interesting, that is for sure. Probably, the most interesting thing about this, is discovering objects that are not used today, something that looks antique, but it’s still interesting to be seen.Young Dorothy, together with her father Mark, come in one small village. It is about the village where Dorothy’s ancestors were born, or more precisely, there is the house that belonged to her grandfather. Mark, Dorothy’s father, has spend his whole childhood there. it was the time before Mark and his parents moved into the city, so now he likes to show this place to his daughter. Mark likes his daughter to see that this house hides many beautiful objects and some of them, even though they are rather old, are still very valuable.Dorothy is very happy about this visit, so she hardly waits to see what is hidden inside her grandfather’s house. Maybe we will also find something interesting her, so let’s start searching around together and see what can this place offer.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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