Island Holiday

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Pamela is on a holiday together with her fiance. The whole holiday is really special since they are visiting a wonderful place and seeing something they have never seen before. However, Pamela likes to make things even more interesting by organizing a romantic surprise. For completing the idea, Pamela will need some help from someone that works in the agency that is in charge for their holiday.Pamela has planned her romantic surprise to be cruising around the amazing small islands and visiting their wonderful beaches. For her realization of this trip, Pamela asks for a help from Debra who is one of the persons who work in the resort where Pamela and her fiancé spend their holidays. Pamela explains her the whole idea and now it is time to organize everything.It seems that this will be really unforgettable experience, something that Pamela and her fiance will remember for a long time. Debra knows her job best, but lets look around with those two ladies and help them organize the best cruise ever.

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