Sweet Hideaway

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Patricia and Nicholas are in a romantic relationship for few months. They are crazy in love with each other and they love spending time together. However, their responsibilities at work don\'t let them spend too much time together and that\'s why they have decided to spend the whole weekend together, in the weekend house of Nicholas\'s grandmother.Nicholas grandmother\'s weekend house is a very beautiful and sumptuous house that hides many secrets. At the same time, the house hides many valuable objects which are very interesting to be seen. Last time Nicholas was in this house when he was a child and he likes to remember that period of his life spent there.He tells Patricia which were the objects that remind him mostly of his childhood, so they start searching for those objects together, walking through the house. Let\'s take a tour through Nicholas grandmother\'s house together and see what this wonderful house has to offer. This is one of those houses we don\'t have a chance to see very often, so let\'s start.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Romance



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