Spirits In The Trees

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What can we say, sometimes we can’t predict what can happen in our surroundings, right? We might think that we live in quiet and safe place and everything is just fine until something unexpected happens, like ghosts?! Yes ghosts, that’s what surrounded Janet’s house, but let’s start from the beginning. Janet lived in a regular house, a house like any other, until some ghosts inhabited the trees that are near her house. Lately, the nights on her property have become a real hell because the ghosts are scaring everyone that comes near to Janet’s house. After living in those unusual conditions for a certain period of time, Janet finally decided to face the ghosts and try to get rid of them. But facing ghosts is not something that we do every day so Janet needs our help to find the right objects that are needed for getting rid of the ghosts. Let’s search around and try to find what is needed for solving this situation that scares Janet and everyone that comes near to her house. Those trees will be as they were before, just ordinary trees without ghosts, but let’s act fast.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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