Travelers Stories

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Being a tourist guide is one of the most exciting professions. You visit numerous new places all the time, but also you meet tourists from different parts of the world and get to know them. Angela and Kevin are tourist guides in one of the most famous places in the country. The two of them love their work very much, and they love meeting new people daily. Every day, Angela and Kevin meet groups of tourists, and each of those groups has something specific. Every group has its own story, and the two tourist guides enjoy their stories two, besides the stories they tell. Today, Angela and Kevin will meet a new group of tourists. They will meet them and show them some amazing parts of the city. They hardly wait to meet new people and learn something from them too. Let\'s take part in this interesting tour and see how does a day of tourist guides look like. We are sure that you will enjoy seeing a new place, but also you will enjoy meeting new people. Let\'s ask like tourists and see what will Angela and Kevin show us.

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