Dangerous Island

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The two sisters Betty and Lisa are on a very dangerous mission. They come to the dangerous island which is owned by a very notorious pirate gang. The reason why they are here is very serious but everything they do is unavoidable because they really like to help their father in this unpleasant situation. Namely, a few weeks ago, their father was sailing and suddenly, his ship was stolen by the pirates that are residents on this dangerous island. It was a very risky situation but the father somehow managed to escape from the pirates. However, he didn\'t manage to take with him the valuable objects that were on the ship. All that was mattered at that moment was his life and he was doing everything he could to stay safe and alive. After the terrible happening, Betty and Lisa decided that they should help their father. Now the two girls are here, on this dangerous island, hoping that they will find all the valuable objects from their father\'s ship. Let\'s take part in this search and help them find the lost objects.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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