Secret of the Forgotten Castle

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Be prepared to meet something very interesting. It\'s about a castle that almost nobody knows about,but a castle that is very special and very beautiful at the same time. Maybe there are many stories like this, but this one is very special so let\'s learn something about it.Elsa is a keeper of the forgotten castle. However, this is a really forgotten castle since not many people believe that it really exist. There are numerous legends about the castle, but also so many legends about Elsa. Some of these legends describe her as a good person but many of them not. The legends talk about her magic and her super powers that supposedly are not always used for good.Believe it or not, you are now standing in front of the famous forgotten castle. This is a perfect chance for you to find out if those legends are true. However, finding the truth won\'t be that easy. Elsa will give you few riddles that need to be solved so try to figure them of and find out what is this story about.

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