Hidden Emeralds

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Sharon lives in a nice neighborhood, in a nice location. However, there is also something else very interesting in her surroundings - an old abandoned Emeralds mine that is very close to her house. There are many stories about precious Emeralds hidden in that mine, but there is no proof about it. Sharon\'s grandfather was also telling stories about that mine very often and about the emeralds that are hidden there. He was also telling those stories like they are real, convincing his granddaughter that everything he says is true.Sharon decided that she likes to discover on her own if those stories are true. She is in a search for the precious Emelads, believing that only that way she will be able to find out what is hidden in the mine. Maybe this is a risky thing to do, but Sharon\'s enthusiasm is bigger than anything, so she starts her search without a doubt. Let\'s see if there are real emeralds in that mine and help Sharon in her mission. Look carefully, and try to find what is hidden in the mine.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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