The Village of Hope

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It is very tough when someone is good in one field and is trying very hard to prove him/herself, but what if others don\'t admit that that one is good? We all need good word and a praise that we are doing something very good. But, jealousy and low emotions can defeat us. But, those who have strong personalities won\'t suffer, because they will fight every barrier.Even the best people need help sometimes. And even those who are not people, a little joke. For today we want to show you that even the best magicians sometimes need your help and must fight with the terror of the superiors.Karen is young magician that is not very recognized by the older magicians. She hears about one village at the end of the kingdom, where a lot of magical objects are hidden. They can help her be stronger magician and that way she could become recognized and important in the eyes the more experienced and older sorcerers. Karen has to find out all the magical objects, because that is the only hope for her. We are sure you would do your best to help this hard working magician and she won\'t lose the hope having you around.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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