Paws in the Snow

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So, for many of us the forests and national parks may sound like the same thing. Even though the circumstances are same in general, the national parks function in more controlled conditions. There are persons who are responsible for the animals and the wild life in the national park. They take care everything to be ok, all animals to be fed and get enough water but also they take care the park to be clean all the time. Kent works as a ranger in the national park Silver Pine. Every winter he has a job to provide the animals suitable conditions and food for the wild animals that live in the park. Every morning in winter Kent gives food to the wild animal. You may say that they are wild animals so they could find food for themselves easily, but the fact is that in winter this could be little bit hard. Kent makes their life easier, by providing them with food and everything that is necessary for them to survive under those hard circumstances.Now let\'s take a walk together with Kent and see all the beauties of this amazing national park. We will definitely see many things that are not part of our everyday lives in this park and learn something more about the wild animals that live there.

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