Magical Mansion

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Different people have different skills and talents. Some of those skills are well-known, but some are very strange. Like swallowing fire or being clairvoyant for example. Nicole has this unique ability, to travel through time. No, she doesn\'t have a time machine, it is more about skill. Every day is a new challenge for her, but her challenges are completely different from ours, right? Let\'s sneak into her everyday activities and find out what she faces daily.Today, Nicole goes back to the past and gets to one wonderful magical property. Here, there are many valuable objects, and Nicole likes to explore the place in detail and find out as many objects as she can. The objects are very interesting and have magical powers which makes them even more valuable. Let\'s search the whole place together and see what can be found there. This will be a very unique adventure for us, so let\'s help Nicole in her search. Let\'s enjoy this magical adventure!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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