Forbidden Treasure

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William and Sarah, together with their friends, arrive in the house of the billionaire James that has been closed for a long time. If you are wondering why this house is closed, the reason lies in the strange happenings that happen here from time to time. Namely, there are rumors about hidden treasure in this house and when it comes to treasure, that means that the place attracts many people who come here, willing to find that treasure.But everyone that came here, looking for the treasure, actually never left the place. Everyone who wanted to take the treasure son was found dead so it stays uncertain why those people had fatal fate. You may ask yourself what are William and Sarah doing in this house if they know what happens to everyone that comes there but you still don\'t know that those two are actually mystery hunters.They like to explore in details the legend about the forbidden treasure and that\'s why they are here. The two mystery hunters might feel the threat that follows this place but their curiosity is bigger than that...

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