Tasty Hideaway

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Frances is a grandmother who has four grandchildren. She loves to look after her grandchildren and loves to cook all kinds of delicious food for them. She does it every time he is with them, and the grandchildren eat those wonderful dishes with the greatest pleasure. The whole family is overjoyed when they all get together, spend time together and eat Frances\' dishes. But on the other hand, even a grandmother should have her own life, at least that\'s what her children tell her. Considering her immense talent for cooking, the family convinced Frances to open a new door in her life, that is, to open a small restaurant where she would prepare her wonderful recipes for the restaurant\'s guests. A larger group of guests has been announced at Frances\'s restaurant this evening, so although she is extremely good at organizing things, she will still need some help with the cooking because some things simply cannot be accomplished without someone working alongside her. Let\'s see what Frances has prepared and help her make the most delicious dish, as always.

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