Winter Castle

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Princess Andrea, together with the brave knight Gabriel, are on a secret mission. This is a very serious mission for both of them, but mostly for the knight who also has a mission to company and protect the Princess on her journey.. Yes, we know you are wondering about the Princess\'s mission. Namely, she needs to get to the place where her sister lives, and she doesn\'t live close at all. The Princess and the knight are traveling for some time and now they arrive at the winter castle. This is the place where they should spend the night, but before they decide to stay there, they have to make sure that the place is safe. The knight is especially concerned about that, he doesn\'t like to waste any more time and leave things just like that, but he start searching around right away. The safety of the Princess is an imperative for him, so he doesn\'t leave anything by chance.Let\'s see what is it about and help Andrea and Gabriel finish their mission without any problems.

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