Vampire Game

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Cheryl is a student at the national music academy. One night, when she was just passing by her academy, Cheryl heard that someone was playing inside the place, even though it was so late and usually there is no-one there that late. She started wondering who could that be, who could be that ambitious that decided to stay at the academy at night. Her curiosity and the fact that the sounds that she heard were rather interesting, made her enter into the building. She has never heard this kind of music before so even though she was little bit scared from the whole situation, she started walking around and looking for the person that was playing.After a while, Cheryl faced something really unusual. She faced the vampire Lawrence who was actually living in this building. Now she is stuck in the building and he doesn’t leave her to go, unless she finishes successfully a game prepared by him.We have to admit that this situation is very strange so let’s help Cheryl get out of there before anything bad happens.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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