Shamans Temple

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There is no greater love than the one siblings have among each other. They care for each other since little, at first they are maybe a little bit fighting for their space at home, for the attention of their parents, but very soon, when they grow, they become more or less, like best friends.When you are in good and in bad, a brother or a sister is the most precious person you can find on your way. They are those who won\'t run away when problems appear, but on the contrary, they will give you a hand and you will feel happy and strong once again.The care that sisters offer to brothers, especially sisters is precious. They will take care of a brother no matter the age. They are like the second mother in family. Abi, Fabia and Handan are three sisters that are in pursuit of their brother who was seen for the last time in the Shaman\'s Temple. They want to find their brother because they are suspecting that the shaman wants to captivate him and turn him into his servant.

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