Twilight Academy

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Children gather themselves in groups, according to their first interests, that is for sure. In school there is always a group of popular students who are good at sports or wear modern and expensive clothes. There is other group that listens music all the time and includes real experts for certain type of music.Then, there are those students who maybe are not that popular but are definitely on the right way – those who study very much and are totally into science; then the ones that love arts and so on. Those groups are normal and good but it is very harmful when people are grouped for something that is negative and could result with bad consequences...In one school, the persons who work there, suspect that some students have made a secret sect that does vampire rituals and suspicious activities. The principle of the school likes to believe that this is just a kid\'s game but also she suspects that maybe it is something more. She has to stop this strange happening on time, because there is always a chance the innocent game to become something more dangerous. This night she came into the school, together with two other teachers. They like to discover who stands behind this sect so called \'Twilight Academy\'.

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