Stranger Beside Us

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Betty, Steven, and Nancy are three friends who have chosen to visit France as their next travel destination. There is so much to say about France. Everybody knows that it is a country with an admirable culture and numerous notable landmarks.When they chose a place to stay, the three friends decided to visit one old castle repurposed into a hotel. The renovated castle looks authentic, just that now it has a new purpose. Betty, Steven, and Nancy decided that it would be best to spend the night there. That way, they will have a chance to feel how was the life of the French nobles who lived in the past.However, it seems that things are not always as planned. The plans of the three friends were just great. All of a sudden strange things started happening. Some strange things started happening on this trip, and things are now far from brilliant; much different from the expectations! Let\'s see what is going on there, and help the three friends on this suspicious trip.

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