Getaway driver

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To get into the trace of the bank robbers is probably one of the hardest cases for the detectives. It\'s not that the detectives are not skilled enough, just that when the criminals decide to do something big like this, they invest a lot of energy to hide all the traces and pieces of evidence. Detective Alice is in a search for the bank robbers. While collecting the needed evidence, she managed to get into the trace of the driver that was driving the robbers in the last case of bank robbery. It appeared that the local mechanic Brian is the main suspect and Alice believes that actually, he is the driver of the thieves. However, Alice still needs a few more pieces of evidence to finish this segment of the case. Everything points out that she is on the right track, but still, it will be nice if she can get some help.Let\'s help detective Alice finish the case successfully. Let\'s work together and everything will be finished just right. Are you prepared to go and chase the criminals? Let\'s start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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