The Last Villagers

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We have to admit that every day more and more people decide to leave the villages. The reason for that is that villagers are usually farmers and being a farmer is definitely not an easy job. On the other hand, more and more people decide to get a high education and go for more urban profession because they consider that working in an office, for example, will be much easier and will give constant profit.Anthony is a person that is really into anthropology. Between other things, Anthony is concerned about the migration city – village and he explores the positive and the negative reasons and consequences of this happenings. Anthony arrives in one small mountain village that looks really abandoned.He is surprised by the fact that this village has only two last villagers who live there all the time. Donna and her husband Kevin are those last villagers and Anthony is curious to find out something more about them and the village. He starts exploring why this happen, what are the reasons why Donna and Kevin are still here...

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