River of Joy

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Spending time in nature is one of the most important things in people’s lives. That is the place where we breath fresh air and recharge our batteries. The nature prepares us for urban living because it provides us with enough energy and strength for facing and dealing with our everyday activities. And even though most of us are aware of all those benefits that the nature gives us, there are some people who decide to ignore these things and act like the nature will regenerate on its own, which is not true or right at all…Jacob and Anna’s grandfather had a cabin located near a river. This was a wonderful place where they spend great time enjoying in the beautiful nature. But as mentioned above, sometimes people can be very cruel to the nature. When the brother and the sister were still very young, this place was very clean.Now there is so much garbage there and so many different objects thrown by the tourists. Jacob and Anna realized that it would be right if they clean the place and make it a beautifull place for stay, once again.

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