Flower Shop Adventure

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The two friends Barbara and Lisa always wanted to take care of flowers. That is their biggest passion and they like to find the perfect ways of breeding flowers so they could have perfect flowers. And it is always nice when people turn their hobby and passion into a real profession. People say that it is the key to a perfect career. Barbara and Lisa, a few months ago, have started their own business and they opened a flower shop in their city. Since they work with a lot of love, their business started doing really good, so the demand for flowers has become very high. That was their aim, but when there is such a big demand for flowers, they have to work very responsible, so they could respond properly to everyone. Today, in Barbara and Lisa\'s flower shop, arrived so many flowers. They have to do with them wahtever it takes, so they have called their friends to help them in organizing the flowers. You could also help them with the flowers, so everything could work just fine in the flower shop.

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