Night Wanderer

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Carol is a girl that was always obsessed by paranormal phenomena. Those things are something that excites her very much and she is always willing to find out something new on this topic. Usually people doubt when it comes to this topic, most of them don\'t believe in it but Carol always likes to see what is behind the visible and she is able to notice when something is not right, even if it seems perfectly normal.That means that she is able to notice ghosts and other similar paranormal phenomena, even in our everyday surroundings. Carol this time finds out that the old castle that is located on the hill, near her city, there is a ghost. Since she was always into those things, it was really easy for her to decide to visit the castle this night and find out if there is really a ghost.Ghosts usually hide, but on her biggest surprise, Carol meets the ghost Benjamin. Benjamin is not a friendly ghost so he gives her few tasks that need to be solved so she could come back home safely. If you are not scared, let\'s visit Benjamin and help Carol go back home safely.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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