Case not Closed

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There is still one case that stays open in this police station for few years. The case didn’t seem that complicated at first but it appeared that the criminal who did this terrible crime could not be caught that easy. Namely, it is about a murder of the businessman Douglas. This case stays open for couple of years because the key evidences are missing. In lack of the evidence, the identity of the murderer can’t be revealed and that is really bad undesirable situation for the officers because they lose their authority, including the people’s trust.However, the two police officers, Nicholas and Christine, together with the detective Heather, decided to finally bring justice for this case. They are on a mission to check out again every possible trace and every material evidence, so they could find out what was missed previously, when the case was investigated for the first time.Maybe we could also help Nicholas, Christine and Heather in finding those evidences so they could finally bring this case to its end.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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