Mysterious Disappearance

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Meet the adventurers Susan and Richard, who are part of the team of explorers that have a very interesting task. Namely, they have to explore the small settlements of the first gold seekers in America. As the available information says, the earliest gold-seekers were people who lived near California or people who heard the news from ships on the fastest sailing routes from California about gold found in a river in Coloma, California.The team of Susan and Richard is exploring those settlements, but after a few days, something unexpected happens. Namely, Susan and Richard become very upset because they haven\'t got into touch with their friends for a few days.They think that they have to search around and find out what happened. We could also help them to find the other members of the team and search around. This adventure will definitely be very interesting, and just imagine, what if we find some gold while we search for the lost fiends? Don\'t waste time, let\'s act fast and find the lost friends.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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