Hidden Valley

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We all know that it\'s simply not possible to visit or find every place on the earth, don\'t we? But we study geography, we read on the Internet and we know approximately where in the world what can be expected. But did you know that there is one secret place, so secret that only a few people have reached there? The wizard Exar, together with his assistant Adeis, arrive in that place. It is one of the most secret places in the world, known as the Hidden Valley. Perhaps you are wondering why is this place so secret? Well, the truth is that this place has very big energy. This energy can turn ordinary people into people with superpowers, something like superheroes. Exar and Adeis have their own powers, but they\'re are here, in the Hidden Valley, to find the magical objects needed for improving their powers. Actually, those objects make them as powerful as they are in this moment. Let\'s visit this unusual place and find out what is happening there. Maybe we will have a chance to improve our powers too.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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