Opening Day

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In every city, there is that one special place that tells most of the stories about that place, like this cafe in the city park. Lauren and Jeremy are the new owners of the cafe in the city park. This place is very famous, and it has a really good reputation. The people from the city, including many tourists that come to their city, come to this place every day - to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee and the beautiful surroundings. Lauren and Jeremy always loved this place, so now, when they own it, they hardly wait to start working. Today, after a few weeks of renovation, is the day when this cafe will finally start working again. Lauren and Jeremy hardly wait to start their work, they are impressed by the new look of the cafe, just that there are a few small preparations that need to be done, so the cafe can start working. You see the enthusiasm in Lauren and Jeremy\'s work, so let\'s help them everything to be perfect. Let\'s see what needs to be done next and let\'s give our best to finish everything on time.

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