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Maybe gambling doesn\'t seem to be the most honorable thing in the world, but it must be played fair. The owners and the people who work in the casinos are really strict when it comes to cheating. They want fair play and even punish any cheating accordingly. Sometimes, they even ask the police to intervene in such cases. Something like that was happening in one of the casinos in the city. Namely, the detectives Alice and Willie got a report from the owner of the casino that a mysterious player appeared in the casino and won the main prize in a very short time. Things usually don\'t go as smoothly as that, so the owner suspected fraud. The detectives arrived at the casino, right after the report, and now they need to find out if it really was a case of fraud. Let\'s take a look at the casino, together with the two detectives, and find out what actually happened there. Is this man a cheater or he simply knows how to play? The collected evidence will show the truth, so let\'s start investigating right away.

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