Underwater Dream

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Kayla owns the only underwater hotel in her country. It is about the place called “Underwater dream,” something that was her biggest wish since she knows about herself. There are few days left until the grand opening of the hotel, but unfortunately, Kayla has a serious problem.She has been preparing invitations for some time, and she payed a lot of attention on them, thinking who she needs to invite, which are the VIP persons that need to take part on the opening and so on. But even though Kayla was very careful, few special invitations for very important persons, are somehow lost. This girl has to find the invitations as soon as possible because the opening will be very soon.Let’s help Kayla make everything perfect by finding the invitations. She doesn’t need any stress for the big day, so we have to be efficient and help her start the work of the hotel properly. On the other hand, this hotel is not something we see every day, so you are also welcomed on this special place. Let’s see what is going on.

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