Witch Songs

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There are numerous different songs and music genres, we all know. People love different genres, according to their musical taste or simply according to their mood in some particular moment. But have you ever heard about witch songs? What is that? Did you know that there are songs written originally by witches? We won\'t judge if the witches have musical taste or if they have ‘good ear\' for music, but we will find some real witch music. Let\'s see what is it about.Lisa, together with her daughter Carol, arrive at the witches\' village. It is about a specific touristic attraction that is located near their city, a place that during the day attracts numerous tourists who come here to sneak into the world of the witches. This time Lisa and Carol did not come to see the place during the day as always, but they came late in the night, when there is no one there. Lisa believes that here are hidden the notes of the original songs, written personally by the witches that lived there before. Let\'s check out those notes and find out something more about witches\' music.

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