Cold Mountain Adventure

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John and Lisa are a married couple and the both of them love climbing mountains. They use every moment, when they don’t have other responsibilities, to visit a mountain. They love to enjoy the fresh air, but also they like to take challenges and to test the limits of their bodies by climbing even the highest mountains, the peaks that are so hard to be reached.Today, John and Lisa have a new task in front of them, a new challenge that has to be taken. They plan to get to one mountain house that is located at the peak of the mountain. Yes, they have been here before but never in winter. Climbing mountain in summer is completely different from climbing that same mountain in winter. The steep mountains landscapes could be harder for conquering when there is snow on the mountains, or water and ice.That’s why this time John and Lisa might find hard getting to that same spot. There is always risk from slipping down the hills, getting stuck into some point, then dealing with the cold… Let’s see how will John and Lisa handle this situation.

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