Get Ready For Halloween

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There are only a few days left until Halloween, the holiday that is the favorite among the kids, but the grown-ups enjoy it too. And while some people don\'t care about /Halloween at all, some pay so much attention, preparing costumes during the whole year. And when the day comes, they hardly wait to show their pieces of art to the world. Megan, together with her brother Gerald and her sister Kathryn love Halloween! They simply adore everything related to this holiday. Every year, besides the costumes, they also decorate their house and their yard. They have numerous sweet and scary decorations but they also like to make some on their own. They enjoy every moment of it. But on the other hand, so much decorating means a lot of work. And from time to time, they can achieve everything they have planned. That\'s why let\'s help them in their work and take a part in creating a new look for the house and the yard. They will use our help, and we will enjoy having fun while decorating.

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