Deserted Hotel

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Sometimes getting an inheritance could be a great thing, especially if that is something useful. Some person considered that it would be nice if he or she leaves us something after their death but how are we going to react on that inheritance, or what would we do with it, depends on us.No matter if it is about an object or maybe finances, usually the heirs know how to respect what they receive but it could be hard when the inheritance doesn\'t suit them at all or doesn\'t fit into their lifestyle. One day Patricia and her older brother Robert, find out that their grandfather owned a hotel. At the moment no one runs this hotel and it is abandoned for years.Patricia and Robert would like to find the personal objects that belonged to their grandfather. However, they have also heard about some treasure hidden in the grandfather\'s hotel, so now they will like to find that treasure. We don\'t know about Patricia\'s and Robert\'s future plans related to the grandfather\'s hotel but finding a hidden treasure sounds just great. Let\'s help them!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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