Desert Flower

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We are sure that you believe in love but do you believe in magic? You probably know the genie from the magic lamb and his ability to fulfill people\'s wishes. The person that finds the lamb and wipes it few times meets the genie and the genie should fulfill him three wishes. But also there is an angel in a lamb, a romantic lamb and you will meet him, or let\'s be more precise, her, in just few seconds.Jin is a romantic angel that comes from the magic lamb. She is known as the Cupid from the Arab world whose aim is to make the people fell in love with each other. Jin inserts little magic when it\'s needed and people see each other in that special light… Also Jin fulfills wishes. She uses her magic to help someone notice the affection that other person has about him/her. Jin\'s last mission is actually the wish of the young princess Suri . Suri is in love with the young prince Tabari, but the young prince doesn\'t notice her. Suri has wished Tabari to fell in love with her so it is time for Jin to take the job in her hands..Jin has to fulfill Suri\'s wish so she arrives at Tabari\'s palace. She has to find few personal objects that belong to Tabari and dazzle them with magic of love. That way Tabari will notice Suri and fell in love with her.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Romance



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