The Secret Language

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Things become incredibly complicated during the wars, that is for sure. Even though when we think rationally, there is no such a thing that could justify the wars, some nations and leaders choose wars as a way to accomplish their goals. And the victims after the wars are numerous and they include many human victims but at the same time, nations lose their territories, their language and identity.Lori is in a search of the lost secret language of her ancestors. According to the statements of the grandmother, Lori her found out that the members of her family during the war spoke a secret language. This language was invented by Lori\'s grandmother and grandfather, so they could communicate between each other and no one could understand them. Lori would like to find the writings about this language, so now she is in a search.This is a nice chance for us too, to find out something more about this secret language and learn something more about the time of the war that happen during her grandmother and grandfather\'s lifetime.

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