The Estate of Sorrow

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Different people have different skills and interests. Sometimes people surprise us with something they know, that is so specific that we thought that no one does that. Like Sir Isaac and his apprentice, Jane, who is specialized in lifting curses. Yes, you heard right. The two of them can break a curse that has been sent by someone. People know them and they call them to give help wherever is needed. Sir Isaak and Jane have a new case that waits to be solved. The two of them have been called to investigate the so-called \"Estate of Sorrow.\" The \"Estate of Sorrow\" many years ago belonged to a family of tax collectors and everything seemed normal those days. But now this property is heavily haunted and it\'s up to Isaac and Jane to lift the curse. They are here, at the place, and they will try their best to bring back the place as it was before. Maybe we don\'t know much about curses and breaking curses but this game is a great opportunity to learn something more about it. Let\'s see what is going on in the \"Estate of Sorrow\" and help Sir Isaak and Jane finish their job.

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