Spectral Whispers

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Chloe definitely has a rare experience, that is for sure. Few years ago, she inherited a house from her late grandmother. She got the house, but unfortunately, she didn’t have a chance to spend time with her grandmother so she doesn’t know much about her. Few days ago, Chloe moved into her grandmother’s house. While she was cleaning the house and preparing it for living, Chloe was finding religious and ritual objects all around the house.Chloe is rather confused and she doesn’t know how to explain those objects. Another thing that confuses her is that besides those objects, she hears whispering late at night that comes from the rooms in the house. That’s why Chloe decided to ask for some help from professional s so she called investigators for paranormal things.Scarlett and Liam are the paranormal investigators who came in Chloe’s house. They are here to investigate the whole house and find out what is happening there. Let’s search together and see what this house is hiding, but also help Chloe enjoy her living in her grandmother’s house, without any worries or concerns.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Scary



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